1-2 Grades

We believe that Sunday School is one of the most effective ways to impact God’s people and our community. We choose to use these Small-Group settings to Discover, Connect, Grow, and Serve.  The Bible is our foundation and guide, and we strive to dig deeper into God’s Word each week, using Explore The Bible and various other small group studies as our Curriculum.  We would be honored if you would come join us as we Discover more of God’s Word, Connect to each other and those in the community around us, Grow to be more like Christ, and Serve God by serving others. 

Corporate Gathering Times:

Day:              Time:           Gathering:

Sunday        9:30am         Sunday School

Sunday        10:45am       Morning Worship

Sunday        6:30pm         Small-Group Discipleship

Wednesday 6:30pm         Mid-Week Service