Becoming a Member of FBC:

For a person to join First Baptist Church that would mean that they desire to join with all the other individuals who have committed to God’s Kingdom work through this local congregation.  It would mean that one would be ready to support the missions and ministries through their participation, prayer, time, and financial resources.

There are several ways that one can join.  If they are already a member of another Baptist church, then we would simply request a transfer of membership from that church.  If they are a member of a different denomination and have already experienced believer’s baptism, then they would join based upon their statement of belief.  If they have not experienced believer’s baptism or do not have an understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior, then we would help them understand the meaning of believer’s baptism and would schedule a time for them to be baptized and join based on that decision.

We are available to discuss church membership with you at anytime. However, the invitation time of each Sunday morning service is an excellent opportunity to express your interest in joining our local church.