Vision, Mission, and Goal

“We glorify God…”

We desire the glory of God in Christ:

God orchestrates history to display His glory.

God ordains the church to enjoy His glory.

We glorify God as we become like Christ:

Following Christ and becoming like Him is the vision of every Christian and THE Church.

Through our worship gatherings, we exalt God in Christ as the only One who is:

Worthy of our worship.

Worthy of their worship.

“…by making disciples…”

The four primary facets of disciple-making are:

Share the Word.

Show the Word.

Teach the Word.

Serve the World.

The question we are constantly asking at FBC Cross Plains:

How can we most effectively make disciples of all nations?

Small groups are:

The primary avenue for disciple-making to occur.

Approximately 8-15 believers sharing life together.

Growing inward by showing the Word and teaching the Word.

Growing outward by sharing the Word and serving the world.

We want to see small groups of disciple-makers all over the planet.

“…of all nations.”

Everything we do at FBC Cross Plains, we do ultimately for the sake of God’s glory in all nations. Through short-term missions, we encourage one another to give of our time AND resources each year in contexts around the world. We have found that when we give to those in other nations, it transforms the way we use our time and material resources here during the remainder of the year. We are joining hands with faith families all around the world and together, through short-term missions, we are impacting the world.

The Win is World-Impacting Disciple-Makers:

We win when men and women are multiplying the Gospel

by making disciples of all nations with their lives.

We are a faith family full of world-impacting disciples

who really believe that as a church

we can shake the nations for His glory!