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Hey Kids
 Did you know that God’s Love is in every color? 
Blue is the color of a clear sky. In God’s Book(the Bible) blue is found in Heaven, where God lives. Because God loves us very much, He wants us to live in Heaven with Him some day. When you look up and see a blue sky, think about God. 
Red is the color of a heart, which makes us think about love. The Bible uses the color red to talk about how the bad things we do(sin) make a stain on our souls? Red can also remind us that Jesus shed His blood and died so our sins can be forgiven and washed away. When you see a red heart, think about God’s love for you.
Orange – is the color of fire. In the Bible, fire is sometimes a picture of God’s punishment. God will judge sin, but because He loves us, He made the way for us to be completely forgiven. When you see orange, be thankful that we can escape the punishment of our sins.
Brown – is the color of wood, and reminds us of the cross where Jesus paid the price for our sins. On the cross, He was punished by God in our place, and now we can be forgiven. Three days after He died on the cross, Jesus rose from the dead. When you see brown, thank Jesus for loving us so much to pay for our sins.
Green – is the color of life. When we trust in Jesus and ask Him to forgive our sins, He gives us eternal life to enjoy with Him. He fills our hearts with joy, brings purpose to our lives, and gives us peace and rest as we trust in Him. When you see healthy green plants, think of how God helps His children grow in their new life with Him.
Yellow – is perfect for drawling the sun. It makes us think of Jesus, who said “I am the light of the world.” When we walk in the dark, it is easy to trip and fall. But when we follow Jesus, it’s like walking in the light; we learn to do what is right, and avoid the danger and pain of falling into sin. When you see the light of the sun, think of following Jesus.
Purple: used to be a very expensive color to make, and was only worn by kings. In the Bible we learn that Jesus is the King of kings, the Lord of all creation. Because He is God and died to set us free from sin, Jesus is worthy of our praise, worship, and service. When you see the color purple, remember that Jesus is the King of Kings.